Vegetarian & Vegan Smashburgers

Lockside Canteen by Lemon Dogs

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Saturday - Sunday



OPENING DAY: May ?? 2023

We take cash, card, and Apple Pay. Prices include HST.
Everything is vegetarian with vegan and GF options.

To continue improving upon our environmental footprint, as of 2021, we’re meatless!

Meat lovers, don’t fret! Our smashburgers are made with Impossible Foods "ground beef" and honestly, you won’t even know the difference.


"Better than a regular hamburger. Much better."

Jordan's Dad

"My vegetarian is in love!"

Halifax ReTales

I was a little sad when it was announced no more tacos... BUT then I sunk my teeth into the best burger I’ve had in a long long time.


“Pals. @lemondogslemonade’s new burgs wrecked me in the best possible way. I haven’t enjoyed a burger like that since I was a kid.”


"I had a Spicy Smash burger and an Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade) and both were outstanding. I knew going in that these were vegan burgers but if you'd had told me otherwise I'd never have guessed."

Glenn Stanway (via Google Reviews)

COVID & Ordering


We strongly recommend skipping the line by ordering online, whether before you arrive or while at the park.

If you cannot order online: cash, credit, and debit are accepted at the window, contactless tap preferred.


When ordering at the window, we encourage wearing a mask. Our staff frequently opt to wear masks while taking orders due to proximity with numerous patrons in a partly enclosed space.

Season & Weather


Our season is from mid-May to mid-October. If we’ll be closed unexpectedly or for weather, we’ll post it on socials either the night before, or morning of. If it’s unclear, send us an email or a DM to confirm.


We are open normal hours on rainy days when it is considered anything less than heavy or continuous rain. When in doubt: we will open if orders have been placed at least 2 hours before planned open time and remain open while orders continue to be placed. If we opt to close, online ordering will be disabled.

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We're next to the Fairbanks Centre Museum in Shubie Park at 54 Locks Rd. Dartmouth.

From Downtown Dartmouth, take Ochterloney St to Prince Albert Road and keep going straight. Left fork @ Superstore. Continue Northeast/Waverley Rd towards Fall River. Follow the blue signs with the keys on ’em.

Biking or Walking? Follow the canal! There's beautiful trails along Sullivan's Pond, Banook Lake, Lake Mic Mac, through to the deep cut @ lock 3, between the dog park and campground beach.

Taking Transit? Ask 4 transfer.

From Dartmouth Bridge Terminal: hop #55. 
From Ferry Terminal: Xfer to #54. At mall Xfer to #55.
Exit bus @ Montebello Road, turn left on Locks Rd. & walk to end.

Common Questions

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