Hey there! For those unaware, we run the Lockside Canteen in Shubie Park. We love the park dearly, and we’re always looking for ways to make it more community oriented and beautiful. We partnered with the Shubenacadie Canal Commission to come up with a plan to build a community garden that surrounds the patio, to make the space a more comfortable and inviting place in which to spend your summer afternoons.

We’ve got plans for 10 custom raised garden beds, wooden stairs to the open field beside us, built in benches (not pictured) and permanent shading with string lighting for evening events. With these changes we hope to build an engaging and comfortable space to hang out, enjoy a picnic and grow your own veggies!

The garden plots will be for community use, and the new space will also be utilized for outdoor workshops with guest speakers on topics like gardening, farming, flower growing + arranging and mushroom cultivation. We’ve also arranged for the childrens’ REC organizers to have a plot for teaching children how to grow their own veggies! We intend to create an outdoor destination for learning and community engagement.

The build will be starting soon, with work projected to be completed by mid May.

We do, however, need a bit more help to reach our target. With a huge thanks to local government and the Canal Commission, we’ve already raised over 60% of the funds necessary to proceed with this project, but we need your help with the rest to be able to finish the project. Anything helps!

Link to the GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/shubiegarden

Please share this link! The sooner we reach our target, the sooner the build will be finished and everyone will be able to enjoy the new space!